What We Do

Cenbion has been in IT professional services business since 2005 and delivers a complete range of services. We offer complete solutions for the implementation, upgrade, or customization of your IT solutions. Whether you’re implementing applications in a single site or going worldwide across multiple sites, Cenbion has the right project team to help you in your implementation.

Cenbion Specializes in providing our customers with IT solutions across the Microsoft, Oracle, VMware, vCenter, SAN, Asset Management, Asset Tracking, Risk Assessment, Risk Management, Cyber Security environments. We know it’s important to know your company’s IT partner will support you from top to bottom. We make that possible through thorough seasoned and skilled engineers.

Our Services include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • System Health Check
  • Cyber Security Assessment and Implementation
  • Information Security
  • Penetration Testing
  • Infrastructure Mapping
  • Best Practices Training and Support
  • Microsoft 365 and Migration
  • SharePoint Engineering
  • Intune/SCCM – Device Management
  • MS Dynamics
  • Oracle Solutions & Cloud Migration
  • Oracle Data Base
    • SW/Data Migrations (Operating Systems, O365 Email, Email, Lotus Notes, Server to cloud, Server to Server, Fortran to Java or C#, Cobol to Java)
    • Virtual Machines (VM)
    • VPN
    • Vcenter/Veeam Migrations
    • Desk Top Support Solutions
    • Data Analytics
    • Technical Engineering Projects
    • ERP Implementation & Support
    • ERP Licenses



    Professional IT Services Technology Consulting

    We are a team of experienced professionals who bring a vast array of experience to our clients. We help direct our clients to the best solution for their company and their unique situation. Unlike many consulting firms, we work with companies of all shapes and sizes. We believe in honesty, integrity, and personal attention. We will work hard for you because we want to help you grow your business. 

    Cloud Solutions

    Cenbion helps you create the virtual environment that is right for you safely and securely. From Microsoft to Oracle, we have the solution that is right for you and specialize in cloud solutions.

    License Services

    IT Software licensing “well it’s Licensing”, it can be a complex and intimidating process to comprehend, and the cost of getting it wrong can be significant.

    Cenbion has been helping clients navigate the complexities of Microsoft and Oracle for more than 20 years. Our collaborative approach makes the process painless, thorough, and fruitful.

    Cyber Security

    We are now in the information age, and protecting our information is a high priority. A large part of Cyber Security is knowing your infrastructure and making sure all software and hardware are up to date because if it is out of date, there could be security vulnerabilities that have not been addressed. At Cenbion, we understand how to track down those vulnerabilities and remove them.

    Network Solutions

    Our unique approach to discovering your company’s needs helps us customize your networking solutions to your company’s unique needs. We have a unique group of professionals who think outside the box to come up with creative solutions to unique issues.

    RFID Asset Tracking

    Cenbion’s asset tracking is a robust system is designed to identify where your valuable
    inventory and assets are realtime.  Track
    reduces waste, improves efficiencies, and ultimately
    impacts the bottom line through better inventory management.

    Environmental Monitoring

    Get rid of the manual process, remove human error,
    and eliminate the chance that you may not catch a
    dangerous environmental fluctuation in time.
    Whether you are storing pharmaceuticals, organs,
    tissues, or other biomaterial, Cenbion Environmental Monitoring will support your needs.


    What People Are Saying

    Strelow and Saint Luke’s hospital have changed the way they manage inventory. Now they are experiencing the return on investment and efficiency benefits that come with the kind of integrated, automatic and cuttingedge
    system that Cenbion, Motorola and RFID Global
    Solution have delivered. “By realizing more efficient inventory management and reducing our cost to deliver better service levels,” Strelow says, “we’re working to continue providing the best care possible without having to increase patient healthcare costs.”

    Dave Strelow

    Saint Luke’s Health System<br /> Kansas City, Missouri

    Diamond reached out to Cenbion to aid their team in migrating a Cobol base application off prem to our private cloud. The project had many hurdles with this old technology, but Cenbion engineers were able to recreate the Cobal and Fortran solutions to a viable cloud solution.

    John Puffer

    Diamond Communications

    Donaldson’s family jewels in Fortran were in need of a new operating system and application consolidation. The Cenbion team was able to successfully migrate the Fortran equations to Java and build a cloud-based application to allow the user the capability to run thousands of iterations for the optimal filter design.

    Gary Rocklitz


     Donaldson had a difficult engineering problem to solve, design an UHF RFID Filter Management Solution for the JD 8853R and CAT 320.

    This project had many challenges in UHF and metal gas, hydraulic and air filters. Cenbion engineers did the research and provided a functional solution for both the JD 8853R and CAT 320.

    Nate Zambon


    We are here to HELP