Engineering Consulting

About Us

Our Experience

We are a team of experienced professionals who bring a vast array

of experience to our clients. That experience allows us to look at

problems from a different angle, identify opportunity, and map out

solutions others might not see.

At Cenbion, we are free agents; no product or company binds us.

We are not like other enterprise IT firms who consult with their clients

only to drive them to their own solution. Our approach is simple.

We direct our clients to the right solution. This is why we are so

focused on spending the time to fully understand our client’s needs.

The solution is not already baked when we walk in. For those organizations operating in highly secure and regulated industries, you should be comforted by our service to government, healthcare systems, financial institutions and energy industries. At Cenbion we leverage a host of experts all over North America and beyond who specialize in everything from enterprise security to cloud services. Just because we have worked with Fortune 500 companies

does not mean we won’t work with smaller companies too. In fact,

we are often asked if we have limitations on the size of clients we work with. We do not. If we can help a client, we will, no mater their revenue

or number of employees.

The first step is to talk with us. We will turn that conversation into your

first step on a successful journey.

Why Us?

At Cenbion our goal is to navigate you

to your IT destination through

experience, passion, and understanding. 

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